Acting on behalf of a member of the International Group of P&I Clubs, our in house Special Casualty Representative, Mr. Tony Huang, has overseen the complete wreck removal operation of a 42,000 DWT containership in the East China Sea. The vessel was en route towards Africa and carrying about 1,400 containers when it sailed over a reef and, got stranded at around amidships. The resulting stresses in the hull led to a catastrophic failure of the vessel’s structure, in way of a fuel oil tank. The whole salvage operation was managed in a record time and included the following main steps:

  • Containing the oil pollution
  • Removing all containers onboard
  • Cutting the vessel in half and towing its aft section away
  • Exploding the forward section of the vessel with dynamite
  • Picking all pieces from the sea bed
  • Handling all container tracking /cleaning operations

Tony played a key role in the great success of the overall operation and acted as a central point of coordination between the Chinese authorities, the salvors, the underwriters, the Owners, and the P&I. The wreck was fully removed from the site in just four months!