Researcher, Engineering
 Sheffield, U.K.

Zak Hodgson holds a First-Class Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (specialising in Avionics: Flight Control Systems) from the University of Sheffield, England. As a valued member of AMA’s growing science and research family, Zak provides technical proficiency in future marine systems and emergency response engineering.

Currently a PhD candidate under the AMA sponsored research program, Zak is studying at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, where he is undertaking research into ‘Autonomous monitoring and prediction of marine pollution’.

The goal of Zak’s current research is to model and simulate frequent maritime pollutants in realistic scenarios, to improve real-time monitoring techniques (including the planning, operation and control of unmanned systems in marine surveillance), a research that reflects AMA’s commitment to furthering science, safety and risk mitigation in the maritime industry.