Consulting Scientist
 Hong Kong
+852 2861 3312

Timothy Lucas holds a PhD in Nuclear Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A).

Dr. Lucas is an integral member of the AMA Science team, to which he greatly contributes thanks to his broad scientific and engineering knowledge. His valuable experience as a failure analyst specialized in material fracture, corrosion and battery failure, further reinforces our Hong Kong based group of material experts and scientists.

Dr. Lucas’ expertise added value in cases involving gas-pipeline rupture and explosion, MEMS device operating life extension, battery fire root cause analysis, as well as design improvements. Dr. Lucas has consulted on corrosion issues affecting nuclear power plants, consumer electronics, surface coatings and has extensive experience in environmental degradation of marine materials. Additionally, he has performed fracture analysis on glass, ceramic and polymers for electronic displays, microchips and plastic housings.

During his consulting career, Dr. Lucas has also performed numerous audits and case studies for due diligence concerning investment, supply chain management, and litigation support. Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, he has personally audited battery factories, solved production ramp issues for major Fortune 500 companies, audited repair activities on production equipment and surveyed inability to meet contractual obligations leading to loss and damage on international arbitration and litigation cases.


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