Consulting Scientist
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Dr. Narahari Mahanta holds a PhD in Analytical / Environmental Chemistry. Consultant scientist and highly experienced in research and development at Singapore, Narahari has spent more than 6 years at NUS, Singapore for his research in the diverse fast-packed research environments in petrochemical field, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and nanotechnology. He is currently applying his diverse experience and skills to marine investigations and he is also an integral member of the AMA Fuel Advisory Service (FAS). He is a member of various renowned International Chemical Societies.

Prior to consulting, Narahari had worked as a Scientist at a bunker fuel testing laboratory in Singapore. He especially dealt with analytical studies on heavy fuel oil and distillate fuels at the testing laboratory to identify the root cause of poor quality bunkers and offer solutions to improve these bunkers, so as not to jeopardise the safety of the ship or adversely affect the performance of machinery or cause damage and minimize the problems. He provided expert advice on chemically contaminated fuels using various advanced techniques and where applicable, offering solutions to the end user. Petrochemical field He directed the safety management of the handling and testing of petrochemicals, including their storage and transportation.

Since becoming a consultant scientist at AMA, Narahari has rendered technical guidance and support with several cases including:
Off specification Bunker and contaminated fuel – Issues leading to engine, generator damage etc
Contamination of edible oil Fire Investigation on board a Yacht
Mineral ore testing & loading – Nickel Ore
Contamination of Chemicals – ISO tank containers and damage to their appendages due to the cargo