Consultant, Scientist
+852 2861 3313

Allen Li holds a PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in the department of Materials Science and Engineering, and a BSc in Materials Chemistry from Shandong Polytechnic University.

Allen has a varied background of experience in laboratory based research. This research includes metal oxide and organic material’ preparation and their application in solar energy conversion, application of semiconductor based materials to split the seawater for hydrogen production as well as to remove the organic pollutant from waste water systems and work on the selective catalytic reduction of toxic gas (NOx) released from vehicles and power plants, which has provided him with valuable experience in exhaust control and purification systems.

Allen is also an expert in materials characterization and metal testing such as morphology and microstructure observation (SEM, TEM), phase and electronic structure analysis (UV-vis, PL, FT-IR, XRD, Raman) and elemental composition analysis (XPS, AAS, EDX and ICP). He is a member of the Materials Research Society (US), the European Materials Research Society (Europe) and the Hong Kong Physical Society (Hong Kong).

As a consultant scientist at AMA, Allen applies his materials science and instrumentation analysis knowledge to environmental research and system solutions, energy efficiency management, cargo issues and disputes.