09 Aug 2017

Richard Hagger

Andrew Moore - Richard Hagger

Richard Hagger is a Senior fire, explosion and accident investigator based in the U.K. With more than 30 years of experience at the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, Richard brings an enviable wealth of expertise to our European team. Over the years he has led a wide range of high-profile investigations into the origin, […]

09 Aug 2017

Sharlet Xiao

Andrew Moore - Sharlet Xiao

Sharlet Xiao holds a PhD in Chemistry and, has extensive experience in analytical research and testing. Equipped with a high-level knowledge of methods validation and quality control for chemical testing, Sharlet has successfully guided many corporations along the path of appropriate testing regimes creation and implementation. She is very knowledgeable in market standards and global […]

13 Apr 2017

Srikant Ayyer

Andrew-Moore Srikant Ayyer

Srikant Ayyer has over fifteen years of sea-going experience, sailing up to the rank of Chief Engineer on a variety of vessels including bulkers, gas carriers, general cargo and chemical tankers. He has gained in-depth experience on tankers with Mobil and BP, on crude and product carriers. Throughout his career at sea, he has dealt […]

06 Mar 2017

Timothy Lucas

Andrew-Moore Timothy-Lucas

Timothy Lucas holds a PhD in Nuclear Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A). Dr. Lucas is an integral member of the AMA Science team, to which he greatly contributes thanks to his broad scientific and engineering knowledge. His valuable experience as a failure analyst specialized in material fracture, corrosion and battery […]

11 Dec 2016

Pavol Sládkovič


Pavol Sládkovič holds an MSc in Engineering from Zvolen University. His sea-going career as an Engine officer together with his in-depth technical knowledge of marine engines, control systems and CAD / CAM design software bring a wealth of expertise to our European team. Based in Barcelona, Pavol represents the interests of our clients in the […]

11 Dec 2016

Vedran Mamula


Vedran Mamula has spent more than 8 years at sea as an Engine Officer on a variety of ocean-going vessels worldwide. He has gained throughout his career an excellent knowledge of the operation, maintenance and repair of MAN and Watsila electronic engines, as well as marine hydraulic systems. Vedran is now an integral member of […]

11 Dec 2016

Anil Gokbayrak


Anil Gokbayrak holds a BSc in Marine Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) and SUNY Maritime College (U.S.) He has spent over 12 years at sea raising through the ranks, from Cadet to 1st Assistant Engineer, on a variety of ocean going merchant vessels powered by low & medium speed diesel engines. Technical Superintendent attending […]

02 Nov 2016

Zak Hodgson


Zak Hodgson holds a First-Class Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering (specialising in Avionics: Flight Control Systems) from the University of Sheffield, England. As a valued member of AMA’s growing science and research family, Zak provides technical proficiency in future marine systems and emergency response engineering. Currently a PhD candidate under the AMA sponsored research program, […]

09 Oct 2016

Gediminas Buta


Gediminas Buta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering. He has sailed on a variety of vessels worldwide as an Engine Officer and gained during his years at sea an in-depth knowledge of the operation, maintenance and, repair of various types of main engines and auxiliary systems. Gediminas is an integral member of our team in […]

09 May 2016

David Townsend


David Townsend is a highly experienced fire and explosion investigator. As a manager of Andrew Moore & Associates group fire response and investigation services, he is responsible for fire, and explosion investigations as well as fire related consultancy assignments, ashore and afloat, worldwide. He has a vast experience of fire, including firefighting, tactics, command and […]