Claims and Disputes

We have provided detailed advice to many P&I Clubs, Law Firms, Charterers and Owners and have proudly assisted in the accomplishment of many successful resolutions in high-profile cases, in cargo disputes, shipyard and new building disputes, fires and hull and machinery damage claims that have required our experience and knowledge to broker solutions, with the independency and integrity that is required.

Our team includes some of the most respected and accomplished consultants and surveyors in the business, and we are often called upon to provide expert evidence for court and arbitration proceedings, or to stand as expert witnesses in English, Hong Kong and Singaporean actions.



AMA consultants investigate all types of claims related to the loss or damage of any cargo carried in holds, on deck, flat rakes, or within standard containers.

Cargo Damage and Loss: We are able to undertake inspection, assessment or investigation of cargo items lost or damaged while in transit, then provide timely and accurate advice on the physical condition, value and onward carriage or disposal of the cargo. This empowers our clients to make reasoned, commercial decisions without delay.

Post-Incident Assistance: The damage to cargo can often be attributed to the negligence of others, including by way of inter-vessel collision at sea. Our team is able to assist clients at all levels with understanding exactly what happened to their cargo, where, why and who ultimately was the cause. We have acted on behalf of underwriters, shippers and carriers of cargo. We are often called upon not only to deal with the damages to cargoes in transit, but also to advise on the consequences of cargo damage and how to mitigate this, examples being such as:

  • Risks to vessel and crew
  • Unfitness for purpose and safe disposal
  • Trans-shipment for onward carriage
  • Spontaneous heating or liquefaction

Hull & Machinery

From the very first beginnings of insured marine adventures there has been a need for the insurer to weigh the risks posed by their assured. The days of a stiff handshake and a steely look in the eye are long gone, today replaced by a range of comprehensive H&M risk assessment surveys, conducted by AMA on behalf of hull underwriters.

Damage and Repairs: The ability to accurately and expertly differentiate the actual from the alleged damages to a vessel or structure and, then to report these findings in a comprehensive, timely and readily understandable format is what sets AMA apart from many of its competitors in this field. Our understanding of the pros and cons, various work practices and financial realities of the many shipyards located throughout Asia is second to none. It has on many occasions placed our clients at great advantage during their negotiations.

Post-Incident Assistance: Our team of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers is experienced in the assessment of collision and grounding damages, as well as those brought about through structural failure, by fire, or other incident. AMA has represented clients at all levels in such events from the assessment of damages, to investigation and obtaining of statements, and serving as Special Representative of H&M and / or Special Casualty Representative for Owners and P&I under the Lloyd’s Open Form of Salvage.

New Buildings & Shipyards

AMA has extensive experience and expertise in ensuring that new building vessels are delivered in compliance with all contractual, regulatory and industry norm requirements. Our engineering staff routinely acts on behalf of the parties involved, from the earliest design stages through to construction and ultimately, delivery upon completion.

Risk Assessment: Large scale repairs and maintenance undertaken on a vessel are a substantial investment of time and capital for the Owners, as well the financial institutions that back them. The conceptualisation, design, construction and completion of any vessel or offshore structure are even more so. In these increasingly uncertain and competitive times for the shipping industry, the need to ensure that the finished product is well made and presents the maximum return for its investment is essential.

Audit and Verification: Our team undertakes detailed shipyard process and procedure audits on behalf of various banks and underwriters, verifying compliance with industry and regulatory norms. Non-compliance is a key and clear indicator of potential troubles ahead. If identified, our team will evaluate and quantify the risk, and provide our clients with sound options.

Financial Institutions: For banks, investors and underwriters AMA helps to protect your capital investment in various ways, including:

  • Technical assistance at all levels
  • QA, regulatory and contractual compliance
  • Ongoing risk assessment and quantification

Owners: Obtaining finance from the market doesn’t get any easier if the final deliverable had issues. AMA can:

  • Advise on shipyard work and best practices
  • Provide QA at all stages of production
  • Assist Owner’s on-site team members

Charterers: AMA assists charterers by:

  • Ensuring you get the vessel you needed
  • Supervising delivery / re-delivery of assets
  • Verifying compliance with all applicable standards including: regulatory, oil majors, SIRE, RightShip, etc.

Shipyards: Production of a large seagoing asset is equally a risk to the shipyard making it, we assist by:

  • Reducing areas of dispute and risk exposure
  • Assisting repeat business by ensuring QA